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Sinking sun's last rays

Again venturing outside of Maine, and again the family farm thanks to a photo my brother took. The foreground tree is the star or the sun's last rays, but I chose to call this Fence Row at Dusk because it adds a subtle touch. Barely discernible is a small shed in front of the tree--another brother built it--he went on to work in construction. On this, and on "All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey" I used charcoal to darken further the tree trunks, and to add in the finer twigs. Somehow I captured the slight variation in the field, and single low cloud near the horizon on the right--just a bit of the sun's rays right at the horizon. Sometimes I struggle but this one came together easily--just had to put down the brush and back away before I wrecked what luck had brought me.

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